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"We did several demonstrations last week for schools and civic clubs.  The kids as well as the adults all loved our new Power Town model.  The vast array of scenarios that the eight foot display gives us is fantastic. Our two favorites things are the underground portion of the model and the ease of setting it all up and taking it all down.  We look forward to using this model for many years to come. It was truly a pleasure doing business with Moore Syndication and their outstanding team."


Kevin Hand

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Tallapoosa River Electric Cooperative

" At one point, I had to go make the line crew step aside so others could see! They were all huddled around it having a heck of a good time.”


Sharon Crisp, Copper Valley Electric Association

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Moore Syndication offers the best electrical and natural gas safety models in the industry. Thoughtfully designed and constructed by a former utility safety presenter, the models are lightweight for easy portability and durable for years of use with proper care.


Powertown™ is a high voltage demonstration model that shows a variety of contact hazards with overhead and underground service. The model consists of one or two wooden tables with folding legs. All other components (building, transformers, vehicles, figures, power lines, etc.) are stored in plastic tubs.  Tables measure 2 x 4 feet. Models can be set up in less than 10 minutes.


Choose the basic four foot model to show common hazards in residential areas.  Expand on those lessons by choosing eight foot models with options to show either an agricultural scene or a lake scene. There is also a fully-dedicated agricultural model called AgriPower as well as a Natural Gas Safety Model.


Promote your brand by printing your your logo, name and safety message on the table skirt. This customization is included in price for printing in one or two colors.


Powertown™ models are powered by a transformer which produces a 10,000 volt, 28 miliamp current. This produces dramatic arcs when contacts are made. Crimped connections on internal wiring ensure good bonds. Wiring to the poles, padmount transformer and excavation site are easily connected by jacks.


Powertown™ is wired with a foot switch so the demonstrator can control current to the model. A spring-loaded hot stick makes it easy to handle components from a safe distance. The circuit is protected by a 3 amp fuse. Demonstrators should wear tested linesman’s gloves (not included.)


The instruction manual contains directions for setting up Powertown™ as well as information about presentation skills and three separate scripts for demonstrating hazards to lower and upper elementary grades, first responders and construction workers.


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