Natural Gas Safety

The Energy Underground®

Sniffasaurus makes learning about natural gas safety fun!


Nicknamed Sniffy, the character is a friendly dinosaur who teaches children all about natural gas safety.


A variety of products are available for your company's electrical safety program, no matter how big or small.


The Energy Underground website features Sniffy in the children's section.


Three television commercials are available for annual license, and Sniffy costumes are available for purchase.


Moore Syndication can also create a custom fulfillment program using Sniffy (and/or other) materials to mail directly to schools in your service area.


Sniffy activity books and videos are essential components of the Sniffy natural gas safety program.


Scratch and sniff cards with Sniffy, or without Sniffy for older audiences, are available for purchase. Scratch and sniff stickers are also available.


For older student's, our booklet Keep Yourself Safe Around Natural Gas is perfect for grades five through eight.


Other popular Sniffy products include dolls, pencils, stickers and bookmarks.


See Sniffy items available for purchase in our online store.


For questions regarding the Sniffy program, or to inquire about ordering custom non-Sniffy safety materials, please contact us  at 205-871-8819. 

Energy Underground® - a web site for Natural Gas


Energy Underground is the natural gas companion to the Electric Universe. You can subscribe to as a stand alone or with the Electric Universe.


The Energy Underground is  a subscription site is the perfect outreach tool to schools, educators and families. We've reorganized the content and navigation to make it easier for teachers and children to find valuable information about natural gas.


Improvements and upgrades to the Energy Underground include:


• All the Moore Syndication gas safety and educational videos - including Sniffasaurus®.

• The Sniffy lesson plans are now PDF downloads

• New games and activities

• New classroom experiments

• New teacher lesson plans

• A new teacher registration page; Moore Syndication will collect the opt-in teacher information and send monthly reports of activity.

• A new online teacher survey. Once a teacher registers he or she can access more lesson plans and evaluate the site. Survey results are compiled and sent to you quarterly.

• A new optional online-order page. You decide what products you want to offer teachers and Moore will stock and ship directly.


The New Energy Underground will bear your company's web banner and link to your home site.


To view a sample site, please visit


Subscription is easy! Price quotes available within 24 hours. Just contact Pam Moore at 205-871-8819. It takes only about three weeks to build your customized site.



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