Louie's Field Trip is a subscription site that is an excellent outreach tool to schools, educators and customers.  The content and navigation make it easy for teachers and children to find valuable information about electricity and electrical safety. The site is customized with your company logo throughout and other customizations are available. Core Curriculum standards for your territory are also added. Moore Syndication hosts the site and provides web analytics monthly.



Moore Syndications employees and associates have decades of experience in writing, marketing, graphic design, web projects and video production. We can provide many of the services of a dedicated communications agency, often for a lower cost.


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Below are a few of our videos and TV spots available for purchase or license.

Multimedia Production

NEW! Louie's Field Trip

NEW! Louie's Electrical Lessons


Louie's biggest fan, Lenny the Lightning Bug Larva, learns his electrical safety messages to become like his idol.

NEW! Louie® Outdoor Safety


Louie the Lightning Bug® sings about common outdoor safety hazards such as water near power cords,  digging and drones

NEW! Louie® Indoor Safety


Louie the Lightning Bug® teaches about safety with power cords and outlets and to keep appliances away from tubs and sinks.

NEW! Louie® Storm Plan


Louie the Lightning Bug® encourages always being prepared for stormy weather.

NEW! Louie® Holiday Safety


Louie the Lightning Bug® celebrates the holidays with messages about Christmas trees and cord safety.


Sniffy Gas Leak Commercial


Sniffasaurus® tells us what to do in case of a gas leak.

Professor See Explains Fossils and Natural Gas


This two-minute video is targeted to grades 5-7. The basics of natural gas science and safety are explained including how fossils are formed and become methane gas.

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