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A large part of our business is providing specialized services to our customers. These can be as simple as shipping directly to schools to creating a customized communications campaign. Below are case studies describing some of these campaigns. Select the Services button above for explanations of the services we routinely provide.

Every project is different. As you can see from the specific projects described below, Moore can provide turn-key solutions that involve writing, video production, publication design, storage and shipping, contact list development, and more. Contact company president Pam Moore to discuss your specific project and needs.

Assignment: In 2002 ComEd wished to extend the safety outreach efforts by reaching children at home. 

Solution: Moore Syndication developed the Louie Safety Rangers Kid’s Club. 
Signups were obtained by distributing brochures to schools and at public events. Brochure encouraged children, with their parents permission, to sign up for the club— either online in the Safety Rangers web site, or by returning the form on the back of the brochure.  If children signed up online, the parent’s email was required and a notice of registration was sent to the parent. The parent had the option to refuse, but none ever did. 
Moore Syndication mailed a series of packets to each child’s home. These contained educational games, puzzles and toys designed to teach electrical safety. Club members received eight packets over a two- year period. The periodic mailings help remind the child and the family to "Play It Safe."  To date, 26,000 have registered and received Safety Ranger Packets.  In 2008 ComEd's sister company, PECO, adopted Safety Rangers. PECO now has 7,000 children registered in their program.