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for Electric and Natural Gas Utilities

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Moore Syndication was founded in 1989 by Pamela J. Moore. In the beginning, she was exclusively involved in marketing the Louie the Lightning Bug®  children's electrical safety program. This involved both the licensing of the Louie image, television commercials, and other intellectual property and the sale of Louie safety handouts that did not require a licensing agreement.

Over more than two decades, the company's offering of products and services has grown greatly, while still staying focused on utilities. New Louie products have been developed. Other electrical safety communication campaigns target older students and adults (including those engaged in the construction trades). New products and messages include energy efficiency. Two natural gas safety campaigns have been introduced along with a line of electric and natural gas safety models. Products now deliver safety and efficiency messages through interactive computer programs and the internet.

Moore's services include shipping products directly to targeted recipients on behalf of our utility clients as well as developing custom safety and energy efficiency campaigns.


PowerTown®, Agripower and Gas Models come with a customized table skirt. We can be flexible with the design. Generally, a utility's logo is centered on the skirt. At the request of the purchaser, we can add a name or safety slogan. We will discuss your wishes at the time of the purchase. For logos, we need a large, high resolution (300 dpi or better) Tiff or Jpeg file, or an EPS file. Remember, we usually end up enlarging the image, and small, low resolution raster format files produce poor images when enlarged.